YPIDA Berlin in Bulgaria

YPIDA Berlin takes part in the youth exchange called Youth&CO between the dates 5th-12nd of July 2016 in Pazardzhik, Bulgaria.

Description of the project
Youth exchange “Youth&CO” will take place between 5th -12th of July 2016 in town of Pazardzhik, Bulgaria. Thirty two participants (in teams of 5) from Bulgaria, Germany, Georgia, Lithuania, Romania and the Netherlands will be part of this summer journey.
With this project we aim at increasing the chances of young people for employability. We believe that development of soft skills is a factor for increasing the chances of young people to present themselves successfully in the selection of candidates and to demonstrate professionalism in the beginning of their career.
– To improve participants’ entrepreneurship skills. Nowadays many young people decide to realize their own business ideas. For that reason leadership and time management skills will be developed in this youth exchange.
– Improving communicative skills will empower the participants with knowledge how to use the art of negotiations and present themselves in a good way in their career pathway.
– Developing presentations skills is very important for presenting yourself during job interview or promoting your business idea in front of investors. The job interview and face to face contact are the most stressful during the recruitment process. Verbal and not verbal communication is a key moment in general career pathway.
– Increasing the knowledge and improving the skills of young people in the world of business communication. Business etiquette could be crucial for the career of every young person.

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