About Us

The Youth Participation and Intercultural Dialogue Association established in Ankara in 2008 as a non-profit and non-governmental organization.
At YPIDA Association, we aim to bring young people together from different cultures, identities, ideas, and backgrounds to define and find a solution to the problems, needs, and expectations of youth with the collaboration of NGOs, decision-makers and, stakeholders.

Objectives and Principles :

  • To carry out projects and activities on volunteering, organizational awareness, and politics to equip young people to become active individuals in societies they live in;
  • To bring together young people to learn from each other by providing them with space and tools, and in this regard, carrying out projects and activities at local and global levels on issues such as dialogue and cooperation;
  • To improve the knowledge, skills, and competencies of young people and in this regard to organizing training courses and mobility programs on the topic of creativity, innovation, and capacity building;
  • To create opportunities for young people to have equal access in the fields of education;
  • Encouraging young people to participate in scientific studies;
  • To endear the concept of the invention to young people;
  • To raise awareness on issues that concern all of humanity such as global warming, pandemic, natural disasters, human rights, world peace and, global problems through gathering young people’s solutions ideas on these issues;
  • To engage in activities aimed at bringing young people together with the business world, and parallel to this, to create projects and activities that will reveal the entrepreneurship aspects of young people.

There are three different target groups that we define as YPIDA.

  1. Youth and youth workers
  2. NGOs, decision-makers/policymakers, and stakeholders
  3. Trainers, educators, facilitators, experts

Although our main target group is youth, we continue our work by including other actors relevant to the youth in our target group to solve youth problems.
We continue to carry out projects and activities aimed at the problems, expectations, and needs of the three groups mentioned above and to bring these three groups together with all our energy and motivation.


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