Digital Storytelling in Conflict Mediation| Online

Digital Storytelling | Online

“Pivotal Stories for Empowerment and Change

APIDA e.V. hosted a five-day online project entitled “Digital Storytelling in Conflict Mediation,” with 24 young participants between 16-22 years old from Germany, Turkey, Italy, and Azerbaijan. The project received funding support from Deutsch-Türkische Jugendbrücke and aimed to equip the participants with digital storytelling skills to mediate conflicts.
Founder of APIDA e.V. and Project Manager, Onur Oguz Dellal, initiated the project, sharing the objectives, program, and expected outcomes. Project Trainer, Natasha Venter provided training on constructive storytelling and digital tools for creating stories. Participants were given fieldwork to create their own stories, followed by a guest session by Guy Dimenstein, founder of Meet the Good One’s Platform, who shared the platform’s purpose and positive effects in society.

The project concluded with the participants presenting their stories, followed by an evaluation and feedback session. The project was successful in promoting digital storytelling skills among the participants, and the stories created showcased their ability to mediate conflicts effectively. The project provided a unique opportunity for young individuals from different countries to come together, learn, and collaborate in addressing societal conflicts.