DAY 3/4 – Digital Storytelling in Conflict Mediation

On the third and fourth days of the project, the participants did fieldwork to create their own stories. The project coordinator and project trainer supported the participants by providing online consultancy during the two days.

DAY2-Digital Storytelling in Conflict Mediation Project

On the second day of our project, trainer Natasha Mo gave a three-hour workshop.
Constructive storytelling and digital tools for creating stories, the topic of conflicts and the elements that create conflicts were the topics covered in the workshop.
The workshop was concluded by describing what the participants have to do in their fieldwork.

Digital Storytelling in Conflict Mediation Project has started. (DAY1)

As planned, the project started on 06 June 2022 at 18:00 on Zoom with the participation of 24 young people from Turkey, Greece, Italy and Azerbaijan.

Founder of APIDA e.V. and Project Manager Onur Oguz Dellal gave a started the project and presented the program.
After the presentations, the participants introduced themselves. Afterwards, Project Trainer Natasha Mo explained to the participants how we would approach storytelling in general terms.

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