Youth for Forest | Berlin

Youth for Forest | Berlin

“Planting trees, cultivating friendships: A cross-cultural project in Berlin’s forests”

Youth for Forest” is a week-long project that aimed to raise awareness and engage young people in the preservation of forests and the fight against climate change. The project was organized by APIDA e.V. in collaboration with EUROMOS Youth Association from Milas and VSOW e.V from Berlin, and funded by the Deutsch-Türkische Jugendbrücke. The project brought together 20 young participants from Germany and Turkey, aged between 17 to 25, to participate in cultural and study visits in Berlin and Brandenburg.

The project highlighted the importance of forests and afforestation, and their role in mitigating climate change. The participants engaged in cultural exchange activities and visited museums and art galleries to learn about the cultural heritage of Berlin and Brandenburg. In addition, the project included a tree planting activity, where participants planted a number of trees to contribute to afforestation efforts in the region.

Overall, “Youth for Forest” was a valuable opportunity for young people to learn about the importance of forest preservation and climate action, while fostering cross-cultural understanding and building partnerships between organizations from different countries.

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