“Connectors 2.0” by YPIDA Barcelona

Following the strategic plan 2016-2018 our network getting bigger and stronger together with our new branch YPIDA Barcelona.

We proudly would like to inform that right after the establishment of YPIDA Barcelona the first project under the Erasmus+ Programme “Connectors 2.0” has been approved by the Spanish National Agency (INJUVE) and will take place this September in Barcelona.

Follow the link for more information about the project and stay tuned for further initiatives of YPIDA INTERNATIONAL.

Description of the Project:

Connectors 2.0 – Kick-off project will be hosted by YPIDA Barcelona
Powered by YPIDA INTERNATIONAL, Barcelona, September 2016
Young people representing different cultural backgrounds are often not able to communicate efficiently that leads to tensions and conflicts. The so called ‘migration crisis’ and extremisms arising in different part of Europe are showing that youth is very prone to conflicts. As the common reaction of NGOs in Europe, a series of social projects have been developed under the leadership of YPIDA INTERNATIONAL within the framework of Erasmus+ Programme. Here we go with the kick-off project this September in Barcelona.
Connectors 2.0 designed as “Training course on alternative conflict resolution in youth projects” the 7 days training for 35 youth workers, activists, volunteers from 13 countries that aims to equip them with a set of professional tools and methods that can help to support dialogue, integration and cooperation despite boundaries in youth projects. Specific focus is given on Alternative Dispute Resolution methods – negotiation and mediation – and their usage in youth projects. Youth workers will have a chance to develop their competences in multicultural communication and adjust them to the realities of conflicts and disputes while learning how to identify various types of conflicts (values, generations, structures, relations, access to information etc.) arising on multicultural background and will explore different methods of resolving them. Connectors 2.0 participants as the new social mediators in their organisations, public institutions, local and regional governments will facilitate conflicts that happen in everyday life in their youth groups or local communities as ambassadors and multipliers of social dialogue who are sufficiently equipped to intervene in disputes and clashes in their communities.



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