We were in Estonia

YPIDABerlin has been partner organization of “Can I Come In?” project organized by Seiklejate Vennaskond(www.seiklejad.org).
We joined Seminar&Training Course in Rakreva, Estonia between the dates 01 – 11 September 2016.
Here some info about the project:
Overall aim is:
• To create acceptance of refugees in European society
And the specific objectives are:
• To educate youth workers and policy makers on migration issues
• To develop activities to bring locals and people with immigrant background (including refugees) together
• To educate youth workers so they are able to create activities for young people to raise empathy towards refugees.countries.
• To create new initiatives to tackle issues connected to xenophobia, racism and islamophobia in Europe.
• To find ways to stop hate speech and discrimination towards refugees by sharing good practices between participating



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