Demokratie Acte II project will take place in Brussels

The current economic and social context in Europe today is creating very diverse challenges for young people. They are often the first to be affected by unemployment and discrimination. With increasing fragmentation and economic inequalities in our societies, there is a real risk of democratic disillusionment and social exclusion of young people. The Demokratie Acte II project seeks to achieve the active participation and autonomy of young people in the peaceful and inclusive societies of Europe.
Young people from Germany, France and Belgium will come together in Brussels between 31 October – 05 November 2022. Young people will discuss today’s democracy and the problems of European youth through activities such as training courses, study visits, intercultural learning games and visits to the EU Parliament.

Topics and needs addressed by the project:

  • To fight against the massive abstention of young people from democratic issues;
  • To offer an international and intercultural experience to young people with fewer opportunities;
  • Integrate rural youth, from the Landes, in this logic of dialogue and participation in the creation of tomorrow’s world.

Objectives of the project:

  • To introduce young people to the different forms of participation in political life;
  • To put in contact with young Europeans so that they can exchange on the problems and particularities of their respective territories;
  • To make young people discover the functioning of the European institutions;
  • To reinforce the feeling of belonging to Europe among young people through the discovery of the History and the construction of Europe;
  • Mobilize substantial means to encourage the commitment of young people and give them the opportunity to act;
  • To live unforgettable moments between young Europeans.

If you want to be a part of this project and you reside in Germany, please contact us via INFO@APIDA.EU


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