Youth for Forest Project is starting in Berlin

The Youth for Forest Project is starting with the cooperation of the VSOW Association from Berlin and the Euromos Association from Milas.
The project is carried out with the grant of Deutsch-Türkische Jugendbrücke.
The project will address topics such as the protection and reforestation of forests, and the effects of deforestation on global warming from different aspects.
A total of 20 young people from both countries will participate in the project activities that will take place in Germany and Turkey.
The first phase of the project will be held in Brandenburg and Berlin between October 22 and October 27, 2022.
Tree planting in a forest in Brandenburg, a seminar at the Berlin Technical University, and various cultural and artistic events in the centre of Berlin are some of the planned activities in the first phase of the project.
The project’s second phase will be carried out between November 23 and November 30, 2022, in Milas, where the ancient city of Euromos, which dates back to the 8th century BC, is located.
Tree planting in a forest area in Milas, workshops with NGOs and local governments, and cultural and artistic events are some of the planned activities .in the second phase of the project.

At APIDA Association, we always act with a sense of responsibility towards climate change, global warming, and other environmental issues, which are one of the primary and common problems of humanity.


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