Connectors | Barcelona

Barcelona, November 2016
Grant Program:
Erasmus Plus – Mobility of Youth Worker
31.460,00 EUR
Number of the Participants:
Partner Countries:
Spain, Germany, Poland, Turkey, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Russia, Ukraine, Serbia, Albenia, Egypt, Palestine, Israel.
CONNECTORS 2.0 was an 7 days training course for 35 youth workers, activist, volunteer from 13 countries that aimed to equip them with a set of professional tools and methods that can help support dialogue, integration and cooperation despite boundaries in youth projects. Intercultural barriers, issues in communication, lack of understanding of interests, radicalisation and focus only on their own benefits are positions more and more often represented by youth, especially in international field. During the project we focused on  Alternative Dispute Resolution methods-such as negotiation and mediation – and their use in youth projects. Youth workers had a chance to develop their competences in multicultural communication and adjust them to the realities of conflicts and disputes. Participants learned how to identify various types of conflicts (conflict of values, generations, structures, relations, access to information etc.) arising on multicultural background and will explore different methods of resolving them. They had a chance to participate in professional training on negotiation and mediation – tools effectively use in international relations and business that can be adapted to the needs of young people and support their cooperation and mutual understanding.