Media Literacy for Adult Learners

Ankara – March 2013
Grant Program: EU Life Long Learning – Adult Education
Budget: 18.255,00 EUR
Number of the Learners: 32
Partner Countries: Spain, Italy, Estonia, Poland, Greece, Croatia, Portugal, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania, Latvia, Turkey.
Decsription: The MELIAL Project has been realized as a project where the learners have been informed in accordance with the aims and learned about the subjects of new and traditional media, online technologies and social platforms. 32 learners from 13 different countries of the Europe have carried out their works in the direction of programme activities, visited the mystical city of Cappadocia and TRT which is one of the biggest broadcasting corporations of its geographical are and made a movie about their perspectives on media in which all the participants have taken part getting together.

A Tasty Movie by Participants

Behind the Camera