How to become a successful entrepreneur?

Youth unemployment

It is fair to say that youth unemployment is a heavy burden for society. According to the European Commission, its rate in the EU is more than twice as high as the adult one (23,3% against 9,3% in the fourth quarter of 2012). Moreover, when young people do find a job, it tends to be less stable, as young people are often employed with temporary contracts.

It certainly is a huge topic with no easy solution, but in order to tackle with the problem there are some strategies that could be followed, according to experts. Overall education, better labour market information or entrepreneurship development.

Youth TREE, ready to go

For our new project, we wanted to make our contribution in the entrepreneurship strategy. Therefore, we are preparing our Youth Training and Resources for Energizing Employability ( Youth Tree) project that is going to take place in Istanbul.
Our aim?
To turn young people’s potential into success.

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