Youth TREE is over, but Youth PULSE just started

Youth TREE is over. It’s been the first Erasmus plus project, and it’s been a big success. All participants have worked hard to create a final product for all of the young people who wish to be entrepreneurs: Youth PULSE.

Youth PULSE stands for “Preparing Unique Leading Successful Entrepreneurs”. It is an online resource tool for young people facing challenges at local, national and global level, in order to develop entrepreneurial skills, competences and knowledge. We hope you enjoy it. We have also created a Facebook Page, a Twitter and an Instagram account.

Last but not least, here are some of the photos of the sessions and parties!

IMG_1093-(1) IMG_1092-(1) IMG_1101-(1) IMG_1100-(1) IMG_1099-(1) IMG_1097-(1) IMG_1093-(1)
IMG_1091-(1) IMG_1087-(1) IMG_1086-(1) IMG_1085-(1)

IMG_1131 IMG_1173 IMG_1169 IMG_1164 IMG_1162 IMG_1144 IMG_1135 IMG_1133



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