YPIDA International “Education Week”

YPIDA INTERNATIONAL Education Week 20-29 February 2016 Istanbul
“In Solidarity with Refugees towards Social Inclusion”

Dear friends,
It is our utmost pleasure to invite you to join the “YPIDA INTERNATIONAL Education Week”, Istanbul event to network, exchange practices and develop action plans which will be taking place from 20-29 of February. “Open events” are reserved for 23rd and 24th of February 2016.

During the education week YPIDA will host two advanced level projects; #CHANGEMAKER and Migrating Arts 2 where more than 70 youngsters and experts will be in one education atmosphere in parallel workshops discussing and developing action plans to be the change in their societies. Main focus is the social inclusion of refugees to social and economical life through innovative ways and become active citizens and role model for others.

YPIDA INTERNATIONAL EDUCATION WEEK is our unique event with the idea to bring together experts, youth workers, volunteers, active citizens who share experience, ideas and develop strategies and European wide actions with the time and space to implement them. It is an unforgettable moments to meet with educators, representatives of civil society organizations and entrepreneurs as well as to learn more about the latest policies and actions developed b the institutions.
If YOU are ready to developed new skills and competences and share your views and ideas we invite you to join us.

Best Regards,

cover_migratingarts  changemaker_cover

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