After the Changemakers and Migrating Arts2 Projects

Although i have experienced these feelings before and after the projects several times, I would like all of you to know about the great appreciation and my sourness after this very unique week we have spent together.

Dear Artists and Changemakers,

After a very new project and experience it is great happiness from our side that you have reached to your homes. Together we have successfully realized YPIDA INTERNATIONAL EDUCATION WEEK. We have discussed how to overcome the challenged and negative facts together as one network of activists.
These are the first steps for us to make big changes in the World. While you are reading this letter, we have already started to built the new ideas and creating new virtual and physical spaces for our NEW upcoming changes to make the world better place.
This week may be was not the best organization that we could have done, may be not the best project on earth but I believe, together we have reached to great common values of which Sincerity, Active Participation and Dialogue. Now it is high time to built stronger elements on this valuable base we have started. You are going to develop your ideas in your own countries and i really hope you will share with us, with all our resources we will give you biggest support ever and big YPIDA family will stand up against everything that is wrong in normal human norms.

I would like to promise you on one main issue that we will come back together in an another project very very soon and even realize much better works to change the world. Please follow our social media channels, join us and get informed about upcoming campaigns and activities that we believe mankind and this planet deserves.

With Peace and Love
Onur Oğuz Dellal
Founder Chairman of YPIDA


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