We are in Ankara


The “Community Problem Solver” project, in which YPIDA Berlin is a partner, has started in Ankara with the participation of 35 youth workers from Germany, Spain, Italy, Lithuania, Poland, Bulgaria, Sweden and Turkey. Within the scope of the project, we will discuss the actions that NGOs have done and the actions they should take to solve the problems in our societies. As YPIDA family, we support youth work no matter where in the world and we continue to work to improve the societies we live in.


YPIDA Berlin’ in ortak olarak yer almis oldugu “Community Problem Solver” projesi, Almanya, Ispanya, Italya, Litvanya, Polonya, Bulgaristan, Isvec ve Turkiye’den gelen 35 genclik calisaninin katilimi ile Ankarada basladi.

Proje kapsaminda toplumlarimizdaki problemlerin cozumune yonelik olarak STK Larin yapmis olduklari ve yapmalari gereken calismalar ele alinacaktir.

YPIDA ailesi olarak dunyanin neresinde olursa olsun genclik calismalarini destekliyor ve yasamis oldugunuz toplumlari gelistirmek icin calismaya devam ediyoruz.


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