We were in Sofia

We have been participated in a project which held place in Bansko, Bulgaria. The Project was gathered under the title “Hate Speech Less”. During the project we had the opportunity to work with young people from six different countries who are willing, determined, hardworking and creative.

The project starts through various workshops, events, and challenging games, we tried to understand what hate speech is. We focused on preventing stereotypes beside breaking prejudices down. Then, we discussed what hate speech covers and how we can illustrate it. Finally, we have worked on how to deal with hate speech, one of the biggest problems of humanity. It was a great opportunity for us to criticise hate speech with people from all around the world. We could see the opposite ways of thinking from different backgrounds but also we could see how amazing friendships we can gain from totally different cultures in such a short amount of time. These memories and perspectives gave us another aspect to observe the world. It was a project in which each participant increased awareness and became a conscious individual after returning to his / her country.

Project Team

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