e-Debate Project / Day 7 (Closing)

First of all, we would like to announce to the world how successful we are as a team. So much so that we brought together young people from 12 countries. We have made an effort to bring their voice to the world. No matter what background, country and/or culture we come from, we were able to show the world that we are all one, equal and open to communication and cooperation.

.The seventh and the last day of the project started on Zoom on Thursday, 27.05.2021 at 18:00, as planned.
The project was completed with 20 people (youth workers, volunteers, facilitators, and the YPIDA Team) from Turkey, Germany, Greece, Italy, Portugal, Lithuania, Romania, Egypt, Libya, Azerbaijan, Brazil, India, and the USA.
The last day of the project started with an evaluation workshop conducted by the YPIDA Founding Director and Project General Manager Onur Oğuz Dellal. In the workshop following topics evaluated with the participants.

As the YPIDA Team, we would like to thank all our participants.
Anita Sarno
Nicole Vasilcovschi
Katerina Aleksiou
Ahmet Alican Arslan
Saleh Baghirov
Ellen Christine Barreiros Cardoso
Dimitrios Ermeidis
Merve Gürel
Mohammed Jeidah
Kamilė Mikonytė
Merve Sarıkaya
Eva Thoma
Omneya Kabbary

P.S: The movie and larger scale outputs of the project will be shared on our website very soon.

Stay with us.

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