Advanced Journalism and Media Project

Ankara – January 2012
Grant Program:
EU Youth in Action – Trainıng Course
24.678,00 EUR
Number of the Participants:
Partner Countries:
Germany, Austria, Spain, Italy, Poland, Slovenia, Romania, Macedonia,  Albenia, Kosovo, Azerbaijan, Palestine, Egypt, Jordan
Description: Participants carried out workshops, thematic sessions and discussions about the issues such as digital journalism, networking, roles of media, boundaries of the internet, media ethics, human rights, new media technologies and social media. During the project we visited General Directorate of Press and Information and Turkish Radio and Television(TRT). They shared with us their works and programs.

Please watch the project movie filmed by our great Spanish participants Pablo Lobo and Lucia De Mosteyrin.

Do not forget to watch also project story made by project coordinator Laura Mar Rosello Paz

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