Renewable Europe


Antalya – July 2011
Grant Program:
EU Youth in Action – Youth Seminar
Budget: 41.175,00 EUR
Number of the Participants: 60
Partner Countries: Germany, Spain, UK, Italy, Portugal, Slovenia, Romania, Poland, Turkey.
Description: The subject of ‘Renewable Energy’ which we chose the main theme is one of the most important and
fast improving field in countries.
With more than 300 sector representations, goverment executive, academist and experts, It was interviewed, was analysed the global tendency and the literature was scanned. In the date of 01-02 May 2010, Common Mind Meeting was done with 120 participants and datas were gained.
Portraiture: It was tried to gain the datas, problems and recommended solution ways in the process of exploration and it had last shape by representing the shareholders.
Spreading: It is aimed to embrace outcomes of the problem field and actions by community, nongovermental organizations and private sector in this mission. It is targeted to synchronization of players.
It is predicted to plan the short, middle and long term action of the process of application actions, to pick over the incorrect policy in the process of application, to make following
and comparing, the essentials of application to support the players and to plan coordination.

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