We’ve finished the project called “MACBET Journal Evaluation”

We’ve succesfully accomplished our project called “MACBET Journal Evaluation” with the participation of 18 countries between Novemver 26 – December 03 in Istanbul.

Within the project, we’ve evaluated MACBET project which has been held on January, 2012 together with our participants. We’ve improved “MACBET Journal” digital platforms which we’ve created before and determined our future vision with the assistance of all the participants.

We’ve visited Media Association and attended the workshop called “Social Networks and Mobile Applications for Active Participation” carried out by Secretery General Deniz Ergürel.

We’ve held the workshop called “The role of Turkey in digital media and activism in social networks” with the presentation of Assistant Professor Erkan Saka, an academician at Bilgi University.

In Taksim, Istanbul, Street interviews and various interactive activities have been organized. We’ve experienced Itanbul with all its historical and visual richnesses and concluded our project.

All the outcomes and project movie of MACBET Journal Evaluation will be published on our digital platforms soon.

All the young journalists working on digital media are invited to “MACBET Journal” platform if you’re willing to work with us! To get more information, please contact us at office@ypida.org.


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