We’ve finished the project called “Migrating Arts”

The project called “Migrating Arts” has been held between January 07 – 16, 2013 in Ankara by YPIDA and YOUTHopia which has been founded by YPIDA so that the youth workers could participate in more Youth in Action projects and carry out their own projects.

During the project, 30 young people from Estonia, Spain, Poland, Italy, Slovakia and Greece have carried out graffiti, music, installation works and the gala of the project has been held in company with music, dance and rhythm performances at Atatürk Youth Center with the participation of Mayor of Çankaya Municipality and other guests of ours.

Within the project, especially the graffiti work of Spanish team and the installation work of Greek team have won recognition. The ones who would like    to see these works can visit Atatürk Youth Center.

The project movie by one of our Spanish participant Viktor Garcia and the documentary by Konstantinos Bouras-Baimakos and Christina Sotiropoulou have been appreciated by all the participants and guests.
You can watch the project movie at our Youtube channel, and have a look at our project pictures at our Flickr channel.
Plus, all of our outcomes will be published at our digital platforms with edited versions at our digital platforms soon.

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