e-Debate Project / Day 2

The second day of the e-Debate project started on 22.05.2021 at 18:00 on Zoom with the participation of 20 participants. The first workshop of the day started with a presentation titled “Key Elements of Debate”. This workshop was conducted by YPIDA Founding Director Onur Oguz Dellal and the new member of YPIDA Family Kerem Yalçın. Within the scope of the workshop, Persuade, Arguments, and Format, which are among the elements that part of a debate, were discussed.

In the second session of the digital meeting, a “digital intercultural night” event was held within the scope of intercultural dialogue. Participants from Germany, Romania, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Brazil, Libya, and Egypt shared videos, pictures, music, and information expressing their country and culture.

The Presentation of Key Elements of Debate (gallery)

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